Sarah shines as a Beertender at de Bine Brewing Co. She is always brightening each guest’s day, and she distinctly knows how to help guests unwind and have a great time. When she is not at work or at home cuddling her cats, you may find Sarah making jewelry, gardening, or kickboxing for fun and fitness.


Our Head Brewer at de Bine Brewing Co. comes with serious microbrewing skills. Zak graduated with a degree in Biology, and he has built a career around his passion for superb beer. It all started with a local brewery tour, which piqued his interest to start homebrewing. The rest is history. When Zak is not overseeing the production quality of de Bine’s brews, you may find him enjoying soccer or golf.


Nicole serves as Manager at de Bine Brewing Co., overseeing everything and making sure every event is a success. With a respect for great-tasting beer, Nicole finds joy and satisfaction in her brewing-industry career. When she is not busy running the show at de Bine, you might find Nicole cooking, kayaking, or traveling.


As Owner and Co-Founder of de Bine Brewing Co., Ben’s interest in the craft-beer industry runs deep into the history and art of brewing. On days when Ben is not at de Bine, you may find him golfing, fishing, and enjoying Florida life with his family.